Scholarships are a form of gift aid, which means that they do not have to be paid back. Scholarships can be awarded based on merit or financial need. There are numerous scholarship opportunities available – far too many to list them all here! Talk with your high school guidance counselor, or a financial aid administrator for more specific information.

The following are a few examples of scholarships that are available to Montana students:

Governor's Best and Brightest Scholarship

The Governor's Best and Brightest Scholarship is divided into three areas: merit scholarships, at-large scholarships, and need-based scholarships. Each scholarship is administered in a different way.

The Community College Honor Scholarship

The Community College Honor Scholarship is awarded annually to graduates from Montana's community colleges. The award is issued as a one-year fee waiver, waiving the cost of undergraduate tuition and the registration fees during the recipient's first year at a Montana University System campus.

Montana University System (MUS) Honor Scholarship

The MUS Honor Scholarship is awarded annually to high school seniors graduating from accredited Montana high schools. The MUS Honor Scholarship is a four-year (eight semester maximum) renewable scholarship that waives all tuition and registration fees at a Montana University System campus.

National Merit Scholarship

College tuition and registration fees shall be waived for National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists from Montana. This scholarship (fee waiver) will be valid through the first consecutive two semesters of enrollment, excluding credits earned prior to high school graduation.

Scholarship Search Engines:

College Board Online Scholarship Search
Search this free database of more than 2,000 sources of funding for undergraduate study.

CollegeNet Mach 25 Scholarship Database
Search this site for information on more than 600,000 scholarship awards. You can search by college location and/or major, and can also find online college applications here.

FastAid Scholarship Search
Search this database for need- and merit-based private scholarships.

FastWeb Scholarship Search
Browse perhaps the largest and best-known free database of private sources of financial aid, with more than 600,000 awards for undergraduate and graduate study.